Why to write a good code?


A few weeks ago, I came across this image above and because of that I’ve decided to write this post, showing the importance of writing a good code.

What does “a good code” mean?

I think the variables may change slightly depending on the language we are using, but there are some general rules that apply to all languages.

There are some points:

  • When you have to add or modify a feature, is it too difficult?
  • Do you constantly break existing functionality when making changes?
  • Is it hard to understand some code that you are seeing for the first time?

If you’ve answered “yes”, you need to start reviewing your code.

Why to write a “good code”?

Doesn’t matter if we are talking about client side or server side. The consequences of writing a bad code can be terrible for the developer himself.

What is my code doing?
This question seems to be crazy, but I am sure that you have already asked yourself.

It is just a text field, should be easier to implement
Yes, sometimes an easy thing can become a problem or take a long time to implement.

I just modified that and nothing else works.
Functions and code blocks should be well defined and isolated, so you would not destroy the whole system when editing a single line.

How to write a “good code”?

  1. Plan Before You Write
  2. Commenting & Documentation
  3. Good Indentation
  4. Avoid Deep Nesting
  5. Consistent Variable Names
  6. Code Refactoring

If you do not know some concept above, please just google it. I’ve listed a few important ones, but there are a lot more.


Try to challenge yourself in writing a better code. Ask for help from a more experienced developer on how you could improve your code. And the most important, before writing the code, think about the best way to do it, even if it takes a few precious minutes, I’m sure it will be worth it.